Florida Remote Online Notary RON Service

Daytona Beach Notary Public and Assistance with Florida Apostilles

Florida Document Specialists  has a staff of notaries who provides notary public services in their Daytona Beach office for Daytona Beach and surrounding areas in Volusia County.  Our staff of notaries provide notarial services for residents of  Daytona Beach, South Daytona, Port Orange, Ormond Beach, Holly Hill, Daytona Beach Shores, and New Smyrna Beach.  We also provide electronic remote online notary (RON) services worldwide, as we are certified by the State of Florida to provide virtual online (video) remote notarization.

In Person Notary Fees for Daytona Beach and Volusia County

$10 for the first notarization stamp and $5 for each additional notarization.

Fees for our Remote Online Notarization Service (RON)

Visit our RON page.

We Back the Blue.  FREE IN-PERSON NOTARIZATION for Active Duty or Retired Law Enforcement, Fire/EMS, Dispatch/911, Active Duty Military/Current Guard and Reserve.  Thank you for your service!

Notaries are authorized by law to perform six basic duties:Daytona Beach Notary Public Notaries

  • Administer Oaths or Affirmations
  • Take Acknowledgments
  • Attest to Photocopies of Certain Documents
  • Solemnize Marriage
  • Verify Vehicle Identification Numbers  (VINs)
  • Certify the Contents of a Safe-Deposit Box.

What is a Florida Apostille?

An apostille is authentication of the the stamp of a notary public for document intended for use in a foreign country.   The apostille certifies the authenticity of the issuing official or notary public’s signature.  The Florida Department of State will only apostille notarized documents that are notarized by a commissioned Florida Notary Public.   All in-person and remote online notarizations (RON) performed by our company are eligible for apostille by the Florida Department of State.


  • Marriage License
  • Certificate of Death
  • School Transcripts
  • High School Diplomas
  • Vehicle Titles
  • Adoption Records
  • Criminal Background Checks
  • Court Documents

The only competent authority in Florida to issue an Apostille is the Florida Department of State.

If you need a document apostille in the Daytona Beach area, we can handle the process for you. 

Our services include:

  • Making Attested Photocopies of Your Eligible Documents
  • Producing the Notarial Certifications
  • Completion of  the Florida Application for Apostille Paperwork
  • Priority Mail Service Outbound and Return

If you want to learn more about Authentications (Florida Apostilles and Notarial Certifications), please visit the Florida Department of State’s Apostille web-page.