Fraud Alert! Beware of “Online Notaries” Operating Illegally

Remote Online Notary Fraud in FloridaFlorida Has Very Strict Rules for Online Notarization

A quick internet search today for, “Online Notaries in Florida” was shocking to say the least.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused remote online notarization services to be in high demand.   Fraudsters also never let a good emergency go to waste.  This is true with RON, and it’s happening in Florida.

Unfortunately, unwittingly or otherwise, there are traditional notaries public in Florida who have simply proclaimed themselves as, “online notaries”, but they are not authorized by the State of Florida.

Others have actually been granted RON authorization by the State of Florida, but they are operating outside of the law by using unapproved platforms like ,”Facetime” or “Zoom”, because getting set up with an authorized technology provider is expensive, or they simply don’t know any better.  These notary businesses are ripping you off, because the documents they, “notarize” for you are not legal and basically worthless.

Florida Document Specialists is Florida’s premier provider of remote online notarizations, and is 100% compliant with Florida law.  We are also the only Florida RON provider that is accredited and A+ rated by the Central Florida Better Business Bureau.    If  you decide to use a different provider, make sure they can answer the following questions:

  1.  Who is your authorized technology provider?  Every online notary must have one.  They cannot do it “in house”. There are only two that we are aware of that are Florida compliant:   DocVerify and Signix.  (There are a few more that are set up for online loan closings only.)
  2.  Do you have a digital certificate for your notary stamp?
  3.  Is your online notary’s name on file with the Florida Secretary of State as an authorized online notary?  (Make them prove it.)

Please be careful and don’t get scammed.