Florida Online Parenting Class

The Florida Parenting Class Requirement

Most everyone knows by now that if you are a party to a divorce with minor children or going through a paternity action, the State of Florida requires that you take an approved Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course of at least 4-hours.  This divorce parenting class is court-ordered in every county in Florida.

Most refer to this requirement as the dreaded “Florida parenting class”, but its purpose is not to teach you how to be a parent, so don’t be offended.  The courses are designed to educate, train, and assist divorcing parents in regard to the impact of divorce on parents and children, as required by Chapter 61.21 of the Florida Statutes.

Before the Internet, everyone affected by this requirement had to physically attend a divorce parenting class being offered in their community.  Most people went to a 2-hour evening class for two weeks.  Fortunately, most Florida counties now allow you to take this 4-hour parenting class online as long as the online provider is approved by the Florida Department of Children and Families.  Taking your course online allows you to learn when it’s most convenient for you.

Some Counties Won’t Accept an On-Line Florida Parenting Class

It’s important to note that seven Florida counties have some heartburn about on-line learning, and unless you have a convincing excuse, they will require you to take the Florida parenting class the old-fashioned way, in person.  These counties are:


Don’t Get Hoodwinked by Unethical Online Providers

What’s a shame is that 80% of the online providers for the DCF approved Florida Online Co-Parenting Course get their content from just two sources (larger companies).  These unscrupulous operators leave the folks in the above 7- counties with worthless certificates, because they don’t have the courtesy to warn them about the local requirements beforehand.  When their customers complain, they’re told that should have read the fine print, and they refuse to refund.

A few years ago, before this writer was educated on the subject, I gave a customer in Duval County a link to an online course.  After having to refund the customer her loss, I called up the largest provider for the Florida parenting class and asked for an explanation as to why they didn’t have warnings on their website.  I’ll never forget this.  The lady told me, “I guess you should have tried to work it out with your wife.”

Other below-board tricks are to advertise that they are the “lowest price in Florida”, when they aren’t, and to charge an extra $10-$20 for the “privilege” of downloading the course completion certificate after you pass the class!

It was these experiences that led me to find a better solution for our customers.

We Offer a Quality Florida Parenting Class and Help for Those in Need

Florida Document Specialists has partnered with a premier provider (one in the ethical 20% group) for the DCF approved 4-hour Florida parenting class that will allow you to fulfill your court requirements entirely online from the comfort of your home.  You can print out your course completion certificate as soon as you complete the class.

Do You Need Financial Help Paying for Your Florida Parenting Class for Divorce?

Even more importantly, if you are on a limited income or are struggling, Florida Document Specialists may be able to help offset the cost of this class.  Send us a message or call 386-256-5540 and ask to speak with someone about a discounted class.

If Your’re Ready to Take the 4-Hour Florida Co-Parenting (Divorce) Class Now

Simply click on the below link to be taken to our portal.  The cost of the class is $39.99 inclusive, and you’ll receive a certificate immediately upon completion.   If you need some help with the costs, just reach out to us and we’ll try our best to help.  Although we assist with the preparation of Florida Divorce Forms and Paternity Actions, you don’t have to be one of our document preparation customers to take advantage of this online parenting class.


Florida Online Divorce Parenting Class