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Modifications – Child Support and Timesharing


Under Florida law, child support, parental responsibility, and timesharing are always subject to modification by the court if your circumstances change. This includes existing orders for child support stemming from a previous divorce, paternity case, or support orders established by the Florida Department of Revenue Child Support Enforcement office.

Some of the factors that may come into play as the basis for a modification may include:

  • Loss of a Job or Income
  • A Parent is Making More or Less Money
  • Children’s Expenses are Increasing
  • Changes in Schools
  • A Parent is moving
  • Change in Parenting Time
  • Other Potential Reasons Too Numerous to List

Although procedures tend to vary slightly from county to county, the basic principles for a modification remain the same.  The person desiring the change must file properly completed documents with the court and serve a copy of the Supplemental Petition to Modify on the former spouse or other parent. As in divorce or paternity cases, both sides must provide financial disclosures to the other side.

Florida Document Specialists offers preparation of document packets for child support or timesharing modifications.  We will properly complete all of the required paperwork for you, and we will assist you with getting your case filed.  All notarizations, correspondence, and out of office meetings are included at no additional charge.

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