Requirements to use Remote Online Notarization (RON)

Remote Online Notary FloridaMinimum System Requirements to Use RON

Internet Speed

You must have a high-speed, reliable connection to the Internet.  If your connection is spotty, the video will drop-out.

Multiple Signers Need Separate Devices

Each signer or witness must join the online notary session at the same time using their own compatible device (no sharing).  An email is sent to each signer’s unique email address, and these emails contain the links needed for the signer(s) to go online.

If you only have one compatible device, there is a work-around procedure that can be used.  Please contact us for details.

You Must Use a Supported Web Browser and Operating System!

This is very important:   You must use an approved web browser, or your remote online notary is not going to work.  Below is a list of supported browsers:

WINDOWSFlorida Remote Online Notary

Google Chrome – Version 30 or Higher
Mozilla Firefox – Version 24 or Higher

*** Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge Will Not Work ***

Google Chrome (Latest Version)

Google Chrome (Latest Version)
FireFox (Latest Version)

iOS 11 or higher only and only with Chrome browser

Test your Webcam and Microphone First

The following website is not associated with our business, but we’ve found it very helpful for testing webcams and microphones for remote online notarization:

Webcam and Microphone Test

Personal Requirements to Use RON

First, be comfortable with the concept of online notarization.  Our main RON page has frequently asked questions, and we have a brutally honest page about RON privacy.

Identity Verification

Florida’s notary law requires that your identity be authenticated using a 2-step process of credential analysis and knowledge based authentication (KBA).  If you do not meet the following requirements, online notarization is not an option for you, because you will not pass identity verification.  You must:

  • Be a United States citizen or legal resident;
  • Have a state issued driver license or ID card or a U.S. Passport;
  • Have a social security number;
  • Have at least five years of credit history in the United States – (Your credit is not “pulled”, but your history is used to generate 5-questions for the KBA test); and

Is your Credit Report Locked?

If your credit report is locked, you will not pass the ID verification process.  You must first contact the credit bureaus to unlock your credit report.

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