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Our technology, security, speed, and user interface, make Florida Document Specialists your only serious choice for international online notarization.

We are proud to have the most advanced solution on the market today for performing international online notarizations.

For persons located outside of the United States, other services require you to sign paper documents on camera with a pen while the notary watches. Then, you’ll have to perform the archaic task of scanning and emailing, or even posting your wet-ink documents to the notary, only to wait for them to be returned to you. We offer a better way.

With Florida Document Specialists, your documents are signed on your device electronically, and you will receive your notarized documents instantly. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can remote online notarization (RON) be used outside of the United States? 

International Online Notarization

Yes, absolutely! – Florida Document Specialists uses the latest credential verification and ID proofing technology, which allows most any foreign national with a passport or government issued identification to notarize their documents remotely.  The same applies for US citizens living or visiting abroad. All you need is a device with a camera and microphone and a high-speed Internet connection.  It’s easy, secure, and affordable.

Do I need to speak English to use your international online notary service.

You must be conversant in the English or Spanish languages to use our service.  You must also be able to read and understand the documents that you will be signing.  Florida does not currently permit the use of interpreters for online notarization.

Do I need a social security number and credit history? 

No. With our biometric ID-proofing technology, we have eliminated the need for customers to have a social security number and credit history.

What are your fees for international notarizations? 

For United States citizens located anywhere in the world:

  •  $25 per notarial act (notary stamp) plus an identity verification fee of $3 per signer.

For Canadian citizens located in Canada:

  • $40 per principal signer plus $25 per notarial act.

For Non-U.S. citizens located outside of the United States:

  • $95 per principal signer (includes one notary stamp).  Each additional notarial act is $25.

Can you assist with obtaining apostilles for my document(s)?

Yes.  We provide expedited Florida apostille services, U.S. Department of State authentications, and foreign embassy legalizations.

What if I am a foreign national without a passport or a government issued ID?

A signer without a passport or a government issued identification document must provide two “credible witnesses” who can pass the identity proofing process.  These witnesses must know the signer personally and must both sign a “Credible Witness Affidavit” under oath, before the notary public.  The basis for this procedure is found in Florida Statute 117.05.

How do you verify the identity of signers and detect fraud?

First, we start with advanced document credential analysis.  Our technology supports the analysis of over 10,000 types of identification documents from over 200 countries.  Using the best AI, multiple types of checks on ID documents are run to check whether they have been compromised, forged, copied from the internet, expired, or blacklisted.  Supported IDs include passports, travel documents, driving licenses, national identity cards, residence permits, and visa stamps.

After the ID credential has been verified, guided face capture biometric technology will ensure that the person presenting the identity credential is the same individual whose picture appears on the document.  This is called “ID proofing”.

All of this takes two minutes or less using an expertly designed user interface.

Can you notarize a USPS form PS 1583 online? (Delivery of mail through agent.)

Yes, quickly, and easily.  Read more about the USPS form PS 1583.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Your documents must be related in some way to a personal or business matter involving the United States.

Please have a passport or other form of government issued ID with you during the video session.  The notary will ask you to hold it up to the camera for inspection.

Remember, you must be conversant in the English or Spanish languages to use our service.  We are not permitted to use interpreters.