What are the Florida laws concerning online wills, online notarization, and qualified custodians?

Florida Statutes Regarding Electronic Wills and Remote Online Notarization (RON)

In 2020 electronic wills became legal in Florida, with the implementation of a law permitting online notarization of most all legal documents.  Electronic wills (or eWills) in Florida became available to the general public beginning on July 1, 2020.

Chapter 2019-71 – Florida House Bill No. 409

Electronic Notarization – FS 117.021

Electronic Journal of Online Notarizations – FS 117.245

Online Notarization Procedures – FS 117.265

Supervising the Witnessing of Electronic Records – FS 117.285

Florida Qualified Custodians of Electronic Wills – FS 732.524

Vulnerable Adults – FS 415.102


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