Lady Bird Deed – Florida Enhanced Life Estate Deed

We offer a complete, flat-fee solution for preparing, notarizing, and recording your enhanced life estate (lady bird) deed. 

Florida Lady Bird Deed

What is a Lady Bird Deed?

A Florida Enhanced Life Estate Deed, more commonly referred to as a Lady Bird Deed or Ladybird Deed, is a special type of life estate deed that is used to automatically transfer ownership of a home or real property to others upon the death of the owner(s).   Lady Bird deeds are popular, because they provide a way to transfer ownership without having to probate the home or property.  This provides peace-of-mind and can help ease the burdens placed on loved ones during challenging times.

Just as importantly, recording an enhanced life estate deed does not interfere with the owners’ control over their home or property during their lifetime.  For example, the owner(s) retains the freedom to sell or mortgage the property without involving the remainder beneficiaries.   This “retained control” means that your remainder beneficiaries have no decision-making authority over your property while you are still living.  The owner(s) of the property are free to change their remainder beneficiaries and record a new lady bird deed without the consent of the current beneficiaries.

When President Lyndon B. Johnson used this type of deed to convey property to his wife Lady Bird Johnson, the phrase “Lady Bird Deed” caught on as a nickname for the Florida enhanced life estate deed.

Can anyone record a Lady Bird Deed?

At this time, Lady Bird deeds are only legal for property situated in Florida, Texas, West Virginia, Vermont, and Michigan  You may find more helpful information on this popular website .  We are not affiliated with this company, but their website may give you additional information and a better understanding and appreciation of the value that we offer.  This company does not offer online notarization or recording of deeds.  We do.

How much do you charge to prepare a Lady Bird Deed?

We charge a flat fee of $149.  This includes email delivery and US mail delivery.  (See below for value-added services)

Many customers bundle a lady bird deed with the preparation of a simple will, durable power of attorney, advance directive (living will and designation of health care surrogate), and a HIPPA waiver.  We offer bundles at discounted rates.

Can I save more money by bundling Lady Bird deed preparation with online notarization and e-Recording?

You bet.  Here’s how you’ll save:

Prepare Lady Bird Deed$149
Prepare Lady Bird Deed + Online Notarization + Witnesses$229
Prepare Lady Bird Deed + Online Notarization + Witnesses + e-Recording$254*

*Our eRecording fee does not include the fee charged by the clerk of court to record your deed in the official records.  This fee is typically $27.70.  We also accept checks and money orders.

Will you prepare a lady bird deed for a non-US citizen?

Our company policy prohibits us from preparing lady bird deeds for non-US citizens.  You should consult with an attorney for assistance.

Will you prepare a lady bird deed if the remainder beneficiaries are minors?

Our company policy prohibits us from preparing lady bird deeds if the remainder beneficiaries are minors.  You should consult with an attorney for assistance.

Can you electronically record (e-Record) my Florida Lady Bird Deed with the county?

Yes!  We can e-Record Lady Bird deeds in most Florida counties.

Is there a way to notarize and execute my Florida Lady Bird Deed without leaving home?

Yes.  Remote Online Notarization, or “RON” as it’s commonly called, is a 100% online video notary system where documents are signed and notarized over the Internet using a webcam and microphone.  Florida Document Specialists is a certified remote notary provider for the State of Florida.   If you bundle an online notarization with our e-Recording service, you can prepare, sign, notarize, and record your enhanced life estate (lady bird) deed without having to leave home.  Visit our page on remote online notarization to learn more about how remote online notarization works.

If you are unable to visit our Daytona Beach office, and you are not interested in online notarization and/or e-Recording, we can deliver your completed deed by email and US mail along with instructions on how to execute and record the deed on your own.

How will I know that my lady bird deed has been recorded?

Our e-recording system will automatically send you a copy of the recorded deed with the recording information stamped at the top of the deed.  Also, you can visit your county clerk of court website and look up your deed in the official records.  All deeds are a matter of public record.

Can I change my mind after I record a Lady Bird deed?

Yes.  Because the life estate retained by the owner(s) is “enhanced”, you can record a new deed without the consent or involvement of the remainder beneficiaries.

How does the title to my property pass to the remainder beneficiaries when the owners pass away?

The property passes automatically, outside of probate, to your remainder beneficiaries by operation of law.  In other words, “it just happens.”  A lady bird deed eliminates the need to probate the property described in the deed.  This benefit alone is probably why a Florida enhanced life estate (lady bird) deed is so popular.  It allows you to transfer title of your home or property to your loved ones without burdening them with probate.

I have legal questions about Lady Bird deeds.  Can you help?

Unfortunately, no.  We are a nonlawyer document preparation company, not a law firm.  None of us are lawyers, and we’re not qualified to give you legal advice about your decision to execute an enhanced life estate (lady bird) deed.  If you have questions about lady bird deeds that cannot be answered with the publicly available information presented here, you are encouraged to consult with an attorney with experience in probate and estate planning matters.  If, after doing your research and due diligence, you have decided that an enhanced life estate deed is right for you, we can prepare it for you and assist with its execution and recording.  You may also find useful information by visiting this popular website.

There are other websites advertising deeds.  Why is your company better?

There are many out-of-state websites offering automated deed preparation and downloads.  These sites usually offer downloadable forms for wills, trusts, divorces, and other frequently used documents.  We help dozens of customers each month who have chosen that route only to hire us to retype the useless mess that they ended up with.  These websites don’t even have a phone number. Remember Benjamin Franklin’s words: The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.  Read more about why we’re a different kind of company.

Can I bundle other documents with the purchase of a Lady Bird deed for greater value?

Yes.  Here is our most popular bundle for $524
(Online Notarization and e-Recording are extra)

How Do I Get Started?

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