Florida Online Notary for Law Firms and Title Companies

Florida Online Remote Notary

Coronavirus Impacting Notarization of Legal Documents in Florida and Nationwide The worldwide pandemic of Coronavirus, the virus that causes the COVID-19 respiratory disease, is having a devastating impact on title companies and law offices across Florida and nationwide as they struggle to locate notary public services for their clients. “This is the first time in … Read more

Remote Online Notary Services Coming Soon

Daytona Beach Electronic Remote Online Notarization

UPDATE – We are now up and running providing remote online video notarizations.  Click here to go to our online notary page. Florida Remote Online Notary Services (RON) It’s 2020, and online notarization by video conference is legal in Florida, and it’s here to stay. With a new Florida law that became effective January 1, … Read more

Probate Orders – Petition for Summary Administration

Summary Administration Probate

Filing Proposed Orders of Summary Administration and Homestead with the Court There are many challenges that pro se parties face in filing a petition for summary administration in Florida.  One such challenge is how to actually get proposed summary administration probate orders in front of a judge to be reviewed and signed. One would think … Read more

Are you Voluntarily Stuck in DCF Hell?

Grandparents and Florida DCF

The Phone Keeps Ringing at Florida Family Adoptions Back in February, we posted a blog titled Nonlawyer Relative Adoptions and the Florida DCF (Department of Children and Families). In that discussion, we focused on the heartbreak that is endured when families wanting to adopt, typically grandparents wanting to adopt grandchildren, realize that they’ve waited too … Read more

The Emotional and Financial Cost of Misinformation in Family Adoptions

Grandparents Adopting in Florida

THE HIGH COST OF MISINFORMATION PRO SE (NON-LAWYER) ADOPTIONS IN FLORIDA If I were given the task of picking the one thing that most adversely affects pro se petitioners filing cases in the Florida Courts, it would have to be, hands down, the issue of misinformation.  The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines misinformation as “incorrect or misleading … Read more

Can I Adopt My Grandchild in Florida Without an Attorney?

Can I adopt my grandchild?

Can I Adopt My Grandchild(ren) or Close Relative in Florida Affordably Without an Attorney? Most likely, yes!  Your reasons for adopting your grandchild(ren) or relative are varied, but your situation is all too common across Florida. It is estimated that almost a half-million children in Florida live in homes with their grandparents or other close … Read more

Myths and Realities – Florida Pro Se Step-Parent, Relative, and Adult Adoptions

Pro Se Florida Adoptions Myths and Reality

Frequently we receive calls at Florida Family Adoptions where the pro se party has “heard” or has been “told” something about Florida adoptions that isn’t accurate.  I have compiled a list of the most common myths and realities, and I hope this will help others who are contemplating filing a pro se grandparent, relative, step-parent … Read more

Florida Pro Se Family Adoptions and Unlocated Birth Parents

Florida Relative Stepparent Adoption Forms

But I don’t know where they are! – When birth parents can’t be located. One of the most common scenarios we encounter at Florida Family Adoptions is when we get a call from a relative (mostly grandparents) wishing to adopt their grandchildren, but they don’t know where the biological parents are.  Unlocated parents can present … Read more

Relative and Stepparent Adoptions and the Florida Putative Father Registry

Florida Putative Father Registry

What Is the Florida Putative Father Registry? During the Adoption Reform Act of 2003, the State of Florida instituted the Putative Father Registry, which is established within the Florida Department of Health. In general terms, a putative father is defined as a man, whose relationship to a child has not been legally established but who … Read more