Florida Judicial and Clerk of Court Websites

Links for Florida’s Judicial and Clerk of Court Websites First Circuit Escambia Okaloosa Santa Rosa Walton Second Circuit Franklin Gadsden Jefferson Leon Liberty Wakulla Third Circuit Columbia Dixie Hamilton Lafayette Madison Suwannee Taylor Fourth Circuit Clay Duval Nassau Fifth Circuit Citrus Hernando Lake Marion Sumter Sixth Circuit Pasco Pinellas Seventh Circuit Flagler Putnam St Johns … Read more

Myths and Realities – Florida Pro Se Step-Parent, Relative, and Adult Adoptions

Pro Se Florida Adoptions Myths and Reality

Frequently we receive calls at Florida Family Adoptions where the pro se party has “heard” or has been “told” something about Florida adoptions that isn’t accurate.  I have compiled a list of the most common myths and realities, and I hope this will help others who are contemplating filing a pro se grandparent, relative, step-parent … Read more

Florida Online Parenting Class

Florida Online Parenting Class

The Florida Parenting Class Requirement Most everyone knows by now that if you are a party to a divorce with minor children or going through a paternity action, the State of Florida requires that you take an approved Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course of at least 4-hours.  This divorce parenting class is court-ordered in … Read more

What Sets Us Apart from the Rest

If you’re shopping for document preparation services, this page may give you some ideas of what questions to ask. Why Our Business is Different than Others We are family owned and operated; We abide by a published Code of Ethics; Our office is in Florida.   We are not a nationwide forms-generator website staffed by computers; … Read more

Starting a Business in Florida

How to Incorporate a Florida Business or Form a Florida LLC So you want to start a new Florida business.  That’s great!  Opening a small business in Florida as an entrepreneur can be personally rewarding.  We receive calls from future business owners each week seeking help with the paperwork needed to incorporate their Florida business … Read more

Florida Paternity and Related Relief

Paternity, Disestablishment of Paternity, and Other Related Relief The terms Paternity Action or Petition for Paternity often confuse people from the start, because the actual determination of paternity is usually not the issue. Most of the fathers we assist are already named on their child’s birth certificate. Thus, paternity has already been established by function … Read more

Florida Durable Power of Attorney Forms

Forms for a Florida Power of Attorney A common legal document that we’re asked to type for our customers is a Florida General Durable Power of Attorney form.   On November 1, 2014, Florida law relating to Power of Attorney changed when Florida’s Power of Attorney Act ( Chapter 709 Florida Statutes) went into effect.  The new … Read more

National Fruitcake Toss Day (And Florida Divorce Day)

Help with Florida Divorce Papers and Forms You probably already know that just about everything has it’s own, “National Day.”  As I type this on January 3rd contemplating my evening meal, I can’t quite decide whether I want to toast to National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day, National Drinking Straw Day, or National Fruitcake Toss day.  … Read more