Say ‘I Do’ from Miles Apart: Montana’s Proxy Marriages Made Easy with Online Notarization

Montana Proxy Marriages

Bridging Distance with Proxy Marriages: A Unique Alternative for Couples Facing Logistical Challenges Marriage is a legally binding and sacred union between two people. However, in certain circumstances, it may not be feasible or practical for both parties to be physically present during the ceremony. This is where proxy marriages come into play. Proxy marriages … Read more

China Joins the Hague Convention on Apostilles


Return to Main Apostille Page A New Chapter in International Relations: China Joins the Hague Apostille Convention China’s accession to the Hague Apostille Convention is a momentous occasion for international relations. As of November 2023, individuals and businesses seeking apostille services will benefit greatly from this development. It will streamline document legalization and improve interactions … Read more

Reasons for Having a Will

Reasons for having a Florida Will

Reasons for having a Florida Last Will and Testament So, you don’t have a will?  You’re not old, you don’t have any kids, and you don’t own a house. So why do you need one? It’s simple: a will ensures that your belongings go to the people you want them to go to when you … Read more

Don’t Hit Snooze on Your Dreams!

Florida Document Specialists Daytona Beach

Dreams without action.  What do you have left?  Dreams. Some of the most successful people in history were dreamers, but they obviously did more than sleep… they took the next step. One of my favorite quotes goes something like this… If you don’t pursue your dreams, someone else will pay you to pursue theirs.  How … Read more

Florida QDRO

When couples divorce, one party may be entitled to a part of the other’s retirement fund(s). If a judge has ordered that you are entitled to receive a portion of your former spouse’s fund, you will most likely need more than just your Final Judgment of Divorce to make that happen. You will probably need … Read more