Demystifying Digital – Florida’s Online Notary Law and the Imperative for Institutional Compliance

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Demystifying Digital - Florida's Online Notarization Law and the Imperative for Institutional Compliance

Online Notarization in Florida: Dispelling Misconceptions, Navigating Obstacles, and Charting the Future

In the rapidly changing world, the digital transformation has rendered physical boundaries insignificant in many sectors, including legal notarization. Traditional notarization has undergone a profound shift towards online notarization, ensuring convenience, efficiency, and flexibility in handling and verifying documents.

Documents Notarized Online Must be Accepted

However, the transition towards a more digital model is not without hurdles. In our experience as a leading remote online notarization service in Florida, we have encountered instances where properly notarized documents are unjustly rejected due to misconceptions or outdated beliefs about online notarization.

The Evolution of Notarization

Before delving into the challenges and misconceptions, it is crucial to comprehend what online notarization is all about. Unlike the conventional face-to-face notarization process, online notarization allows notaries and signers to connect via a secure, two-way audio-visual call to execute documents electronically.  Online Notarization is more secure than traditional in-person notarizations.

It is important to note that with online notarization, there is no such thing as a “wet” signature. Every Remote Online Notarization (RON) in Florida will feature an electronic signature. In Florida, this process is governed by Florida Statutes (FS) 117, and it enables us to notarize a broad range of critical documents such as trusts, power of attorney, and real estate closing documents remotely.

Importantly, FS 117 clearly states that any document that can be notarized traditionally can also be notarized online. This means online notarization isn’t a niche or an alternative service, but a fully-fledged, mainstream option that’s here to stay.

The Acceptance Conundrum

Despite our meticulous adherence to all legal obligations, we often observe our clients’ facing roadblocks when submitting their online notarized documents to banks, title companies, or government agencies. These institutions, unfortunately, refuse these documents based on misunderstandings or dated presumptions about the online notarization process.

One of the most common misapprehensions involves the ‘raised notary seal’. Some believe that notarized documents must have a raised seal to be considered valid. However, not only is the concept of a raised seal impossible with remote online notarization, but it’s also not a requirement for traditional in-person notarization in Florida. In fact, most notaries don’t even own an embosser.

Another misconception is the insistence on a “wet” signature, which not only contradicts the essence of RON but also is nonsensical in the context of digital notarization. Misconceptions like these point to a lack of understanding and need to be addressed to ensure a smooth process for all parties involved.

Overcoming Obstacles through Education and Persistence

Addressing this challenge requires a dual-pronged approach – imparting accurate information about online notarization and demonstrating tenacity in the face of resistance. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Empower with Knowledge: It’s crucial for clients to familiarize themselves with FS 117, particularly the provisions dealing with online notarization. Understanding the legality of online notarization can bolster their confidence when dealing with institutions.
  2. Supportive Documentation: When submitting notarized documents, always include a cover letter outlining the legality and validity of online notarization under FS 117. This can preemptively allay any doubts or concerns that the receiving institution might harbor.
  3. Persistence is Key: In the unfortunate event of a refusal, kindly request a written explanation detailing their reasons. This can help pinpoint and rectify the specific misunderstanding that led to the refusal.

Civil Consequences for Refusal to Comply with Florida Law

Do I have to accept a document notarized online?

Underwriters, title companies, banks, and other institutions that arbitrarily reject these online notarized documents should be mindful of the potential legal implications of their actions.

Refusing to accept a document that has been properly notarized online in accordance with state law could potentially expose an institution to civil liability. Therefore, it is crucial for such institutions to review the law and revisit their policies and guidelines, ensuring they align with the evolving landscape of legal document handling and the digital revolution in the notarization industry.

Forging a Path Forward

Online notarization is undeniably shaping the future of document handling. It brings a plethora of benefits, including accessibility, speed, and a streamlined process. As we navigate this relatively new territory, it’s incumbent upon us to clear up misconceptions and embrace an updated understanding of this digital transition.

For the smooth acceptance and processing of online notarized documents, it’s essential for institutions, clients, and notary services to work in tandem. By collaboratively educating each other and staying open to changes, we can overcome these teething troubles and streamline the process for everyone involved.

Remember, the crux of notarization, be it online or traditional, revolves around verifying authenticity, deterring fraud, and fostering trust. As we acclimate to the digital revolution, let us remember that the spirit of the law remains consistent, and we merely need to align our understanding and acceptance with these emerging practices. This collaborative effort will lead to an easier, more efficient process, benefiting everyone involved in notarization.

Conclusion: Proper Notarization is the First Step to Acceptance

To cut through the haze of misconceptions surrounding online notarization, it’s crucial to start at the very beginning – the act of notarization itself. Ensuring that a document is notarized correctly and in accordance with Florida’s laws is the foundation upon which its acceptance rests.

Florida Document Specialists, the original and leading online notarization service in Florida, is committed to meeting this requirement every single time. Our team has a deep understanding of the intricacies of online notarization as outlined in FS 117. We ensure that each document we handle is notarized properly, meeting all the legal obligations and nuances of online notarization in Florida.

By choosing Florida Document Specialists, you are not just opting for a service, but a promise. A promise that every document entrusted to us will be handled with the highest degree of professionalism and meticulousness. We stand as a vanguard of correct and legal online notarization, upholding the integrity of this digital transition and making sure your documents stand up to any scrutiny.

As we progress towards a digital future, remember that proper notarization is your first defense against any unreasonable demands or rejections. Trust in Florida Document Specialists – we’re here to ensure your documents are beyond reproach.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Remote Online Notarization, often referred to as "RON," is an entirely digital service where various documents can be electronically signed and notarized online through a device equipped with a camera and microphone. In Florida, only a notary public certified for online operations is permitted to conduct these online notarizations.

Online notarization represents an alternative method to traditional, paper-based notarization. Documents notarized online hold the same legal validity as those notarized in person. The enforceability and validity of online notarizations are recognized in all states, governed by the laws of the state where the notary is commissioned. As state-appointed public officials, notaries are required to adhere to their state's legal statutes when performing notarizations, and all states acknowledge and accept notarizations that are properly executed under the laws of other states.

We can notarize your documents regardless of where you are if you fulfill the specified requirements:

  • System Requirements
  • Desktop or laptop computer, tablet, or smart phone with a working camera and microphone.
  • A reliable, high-speed internet connection.
  • Up-to-date web browser and operating system. 
  • Each signer must have their own email address.
  • Signers must be conversant in the English or Spanish languages, or use our foreign language translator service.

No. Both U.S. citizens and foreign nationals can utilize our remote online notarization service swiftly and conveniently. International online notarization has never been more accessible.

At Florida Document Specialists, we've upgraded to cutting-edge biometric ID-verification technology, eliminating the outdated "Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA)" system. For foreign nationals located outside of the U.S., a passport is mandatory. However, if you're within the U.S., the following identification types, if current or issued within the past five (5) years, are acceptable:

  • A Passport from any country
  • Florida Driver License or ID Card
  • Driver License or ID Card from any U.S. State or Territory
  • Driver License or ID Card issued by Canada or Mexico
  • An identification card issued by the United States Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Service
  • U.S. Uniformed Services ID Card

If you don't have a qualifying identification document, the sworn statements of two credible witnesses can be used as an alternative.

The following types of identification are acceptable if they are current or have been issued within the past five (5) years.

  • A Passport from Any Country
  • Florida Driver License or ID Card
  • Driver License or ID Card Issued by any U.S. State or Territory
  • Driver License or ID Card Issued by Canada or Mexico
  • An identification card issued by the United States Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Service
  • U.S. Uniformed Services ID Card

If you do not possess a qualifying identification document, you can use the sworn statements of two credible witnesses instead.

You can view our prices for online notarization and apostille services by clicking here.

Our online notaries work 9am – 5pm eastern time Monday through Friday. We offer a Priority-RUSH option that can accommodate your online notarization needs after hours, on weekends, and on most holidays.

We are experts in international online notarizations, standing out as one of the select businesses equipped to provide this unique service.

Our commitment to excellence has driven us to invest in innovative biometric ID-verification technology, empowering us to conduct remote online notarizations globally. For individuals who aren't U.S. citizens and are situated outside the United States, a current passport is essential to access our service.

There's no requirement for a U.S. social security number or any credit history within the U.S. to utilize our offerings.

At Florida Document Specialists, we have recognized the growing need for foreign language notarization and are proud to present our professional translation service. While we have always offered core services in English and Spanish, our foreign language notarization now includes live translations in German, French, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese (Mandarin), Arabic, and Slovakian. Our list of languages is ever-growing, and we advise clients to reach out if they don't find their desired language, as we consistently update our offerings.

To provide a seamless experience, our service connects clients, the notary, and the translator in a collaborative audio/video call environment. This ensures clear communication and efficient notarization, regardless of the language spoken. Our dedication to excellence, discretion, and professionalism remains unwavering, and we aim to make notarization accessible, eliminating language barriers one translation at a time.

Indeed, we have Spanish-speaking notaries on our team, ensuring we cater to the needs of the Spanish-speaking community effectively.

Absolutely. Every single one of our notaries has undergone the necessary processes and training and has been officially commissioned by the State of Florida. This ensures that they are well-versed in the legal requirements and standards set forth by the state, guaranteeing the authenticity and legality of the notarial acts they perform. By having a team of notaries commissioned in Florida, we can confidently provide a wide range of notarial services that adhere to the state's regulations and best practices. Rest assured, your documents are in capable and qualified hands.

Yes. We can provide up to two remote witnesses for your online notarization needs. These witnesses will be present with you during your scheduled online video appointment, ensuring that all necessary witnessing procedures are adhered to seamlessly.

Yes, you can supply your own witnesses. But it's essential to know that every witness you bring must undergo ID verification, similar to the principal signer. Furthermore, each witness must possess a unique email address and an appropriate device for the online session. While you're welcome to use your witnesses, we suggest using the ones we offer unless you have specific personal reasons. Please be aware that there is a charge of $30 for each witness you bring online.

Once your documents are notarized online, they will be sent to you via email right after your session concludes with our online notary. Most of our customers receive their notarized documents in as little as five minutes. Additionally, if you prefer, we can send the documents directly to a third party on your behalf.

Terms of Service for Apostille and Online Notarization Services


Welcome to our Apostille and Online Notarization Services!

We provide a reliable, efficient, and friendly experience. To ensure mutual understanding and satisfaction, please read these Terms of Service carefully.

Online Notarization

Payment and Refund Policy

Payment Method: An invoice will be sent to your email upon order submission. Payment must be made in advance to secure your online notarization appointment.

Refund Eligibility: Refunds will be granted solely for technical issues or mistakes on our part. All other payments are considered final and are non-refundable.

Cancellation Policy

  • We reserve the right to cancel any transaction at our discretion.
  • Orders left inactive for 14 business days are subject to cancellation.

Apostille Services

Payment and Refunds

Prepayment Requirement: All Apostille projects must be paid for in full before any processing begins.

Custom Work: Given the specialized nature of our Apostille services, work on your project starts immediately upon payment. Refunds are not possible once a project has commenced, except if we are at fault.

Customer Service and Communication

How to Reach Us

You can reach us via phone at 386-256-5540 or 800-255-5287, or via email at

Turnaround Times for Apostille Services

Apostille Services

  • RUSH Service: 2-3 business days (starts next business day if received after 12 pm ET)
  • FAST Service: Generally, under 10 business days
  • STANDARD Service: Approximately 20 business days
  • FBI Check RUSH Service: 3-4 business days
  • U.S. Department of State Authentication: Currently 11-14 weeks

Limitations of Liability

Our Role and Responsibility

We function as a courier service to expedite the apostille process. Our responsibilities are confined to facilitating the document exchange between you and the respective agencies.

Document Safety Clause

After your documents are handed over to a third party like the Florida Department of State or a shipping carrier, we can’t be held accountable for loss, damage, or other complications.

Exemptions for Government Errors

We cannot be held responsible for errors, omissions, or delays caused by government agencies, including but not limited to the Florida Department of State and the U.S. Department of State.

Carrier-Related Limitations

While we strive to use reliable carriers, we are not responsible for issues that arise during the shipping process by third-party carriers like FedEx, DHL, or USPS.

Additional Information

Carrier Options

DHL Advisory: If you choose DHL for your return carrier, please be aware that an extra day is required due to their 2 pm ET cutoff. FedEx International is available as a quicker alternative.

Cancellation by Us

We reserve the right to cancel any transaction or order at our sole discretion. In such cases, you’ll be fully refunded, and any original documents in our possession will be returned to you.

Thank you for choosing our Apostille and Online Notarization Services! If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Absolutely. We have extensive experience in notarizing online real estate closing and mortgage documents for both sellers and buyers. However, it's worth noting that some underwriters may not be fully acquainted with the latest laws, which can lead to complications. As a best practice, we advise that you communicate with your title company regarding the online notarization service you intend to utilize. Before taking that step, we strongly suggest reading our related blog post on this topic. For your peace of mind, our online notary platform is MISMO certified.

There are several compelling reasons why Florida Document Specialists stands out as the premier choice for online notarization:

  1. Expertise in Complex Documents: We excel at handling intricate document notarizations, ensuring every detail is addressed.

  2. User-Friendly Interface: Our platform offers the most intuitive global online notary service available, simplifying the process for users everywhere.

  3. Industry Recognition: Our CEO and online notary coordinator, John Bayne, earned the prestigious title of 2021 Notary of the Year by the National Notary Association (NNA).

  4. Pioneers in Florida: As the first online notary service provider in the state, Florida Document Specialists is a Florida-centric corporation. All our online notaries are credentialed by the Florida Department of State to conduct remote online notarizations.

  5. Reputation for Excellence: The Central Florida Better Business Bureau (BBB) has not only accredited us but also awarded us an A+ rating and glowing 5-star reviews.

  6. Advanced Technology: We utilize state-of-the-art remote online notarization (RON) tools and sophisticated credential analysis and identity verification systems. This technological edge places us a cut above our competitors.

  7. Ensured Reliability: Both our organization and every individual notary on our team are bonded and insured, underscoring our commitment to professionalism and trustworthiness.

  8. Superior Accessibility and Support: Unlike many online notary services, we prioritize direct communication. You can easily reach your online notary through call, text, or email, ensuring a seamless experience.

For a smooth remote online notarization experience, it's crucial to have a compatible web browser that can readily access your device's webcam and microphone. Here are the recommended operating systems and web browsers for various devices:

  • Windows PC:

    • Google Chrome – Version 30 or newer
    • Firefox – Version 24 or newer
    • Opera – Most recent version
  • Mac (Sierra or later):

    • Google Chrome – Most recent version
    • Firefox – Most recent version
  • Android (Including both phones and tablets):

    • Google Chrome – Most recent version
  • iOS (For both iPad and iPhone):

The duration of an online notary session is generally brief, often concluding in less than five minutes. However, it's worth noting that more comprehensive estate planning documents, including electronic wills, trusts, and durable power of attorney documents, might necessitate a longer session. Always be prepared to allocate a bit more time for such detailed documents to ensure thoroughness.

Remote Online Notarization (RON) is not only a convenient alternative to traditional notarization but also a very safe and secure method when handled properly. The system is designed with multiple layers of security to uphold the integrity of the notarization process:

  1. Identity Confirmation: Our RON platform leverages biometric data to authenticate the identity of the signer, significantly minimizing the risks associated with fraud or unauthorized access.

  2. Secure Video Conferencing: The interaction between notaries and signers takes place over a secure video link. This session is recorded and stored, serving as a piece of crucial evidence if disputes or legal concerns arise later on.

  3. Tamper-evident Technology: We use RON platforms equipped with technologies that can detect tampering. If any unauthorized changes are made to the signed document, they can be immediately spotted.

  4. Digital Certification: The notary's digital certificates provide an additional layer of validation. These certificates attest to the notary's identity and confirm the authenticity of the notarial seal and signature.

  5. Data Encryption: To protect sensitive information during transmission and storage, we use potent encryption mechanisms in our data systems.

  6. Regulatory Adherence: Florida Document Specialists strictly adheres to the laws and guidelines set by Florida, ensuring our RON processes maintain the highest standards of privacy and security.

In summary, RON, when executed correctly, offers a robustly secure environment for notarial activities, ensuring peace of mind for all parties involved.

A notarial act refers to an official procedure or duty that a notary public is authorized to perform. Typically, documents presented for notarization include a designated section, known as the notary block, which contains the appropriate language indicating the type of notarial act required. At Florida Document Specialists, we have the capability to modify your notary block to align with the correct Florida format.

The primary notarial acts performed by an online notary are:

  1. Oaths: This is a sworn declaration or promise regarding the truthfulness of statements in a document.

  2. Acknowledgements: This is an official recognition by the signer that they understand the contents and intent of a document and have signed it willingly.

Should you present a document for notarization without the specific notarial language, our online notary will inquire about the type of notarial act you wish to have executed. If you're uncertain about the type of act required, while our online notary cannot make that decision on your behalf, we can certainly assist you in exploring your options.

It's vital to note that incorrect notarizations are a leading cause for the rejection of Florida apostilles. If your intent is to get a document notarized for an apostille, we highly recommend checking out our blog on the topic to ensure you're well-informed.

Absolutely. Every remote online notary (RON) session is meticulously documented with an audio-video recording. These recordings are retained for a duration of ten years. Additionally, our notaries maintain a comprehensive notary journal that chronicles all remote online notary transactions for added transparency and record-keeping.

No, you will not be required to provide your social security number for our online notarization process. In fact, we do not request it and have no means of accessing it.

Florida Document Specialists stands out as a leader in international online notarizations, and our offerings in this domain are unparalleled. Our commitment to ensuring a seamless notarization experience is evident in our investment in state-of-the-art biometric ID-proofing technology. This enables us to conduct remote online notarizations worldwide. For the process, all you'll need is a valid passport or photo ID card from your country. There's no requirement for a U.S. social security number or any credit history within the U.S. on your part.

The majority of documents that can be notarized through traditional, face-to-face methods are also eligible for online notarization. However, certain documents, including wills, trusts, durable power of attorney, and advance healthcare directives, mandate more stringent procedures. To ensure the legality and validity of the notarization for these specific documents, the notary must possess specialized training.

Before committing to any online notary solution, it's crucial to consult with your title company. They may have a list of preferred or "blessed" online notary providers dictated by their underwriter. You can inform your title company that Florida Document Specialists utilizes technology providers such as DocVerify, Secured Signing, and Pactima for online notarization. It's likely that at least one of these providers will be recognized by your title company.

If you encounter any resistance or hesitance from your title company regarding online notarizations, we recommend checking out our blog which delves into title companies and online notarization. Additionally, such reluctance might be an indication that it's worth exploring alternative title companies that are more accommodating and up to date with current online notarization trends.

Absolutely! At Florida Document Specialists, we can facilitate the online notarization of your electronic will. Moreover, we offer the distinct service of acting as a Qualified Custodian of Electronic Wills, a specialty within online notarization that few companies are equipped to handle. To delve deeper into the intricacies of electronic wills, we invite you to explore the dedicated section on our website.

Question: Is a “Qualified Custodian of Electronic Wills” necessary for online will execution?

Answer: Indeed, if you opt for online execution of a last will and testament, you'll need the services of a Qualified Custodian of Electronic Wills. It's essential to follow specific procedures when notarizing an electronic will. Proudly, Florida Document Specialists stands as one of the two companies in Florida fully equipped to offer this niche service. To initiate the notarization of a last will and testament, we direct you to our dedicated webpage.

Additionally, if you require assistance in drafting a straightforward will, we extend our nonlawyer document preparation services specifically tailored for electronic wills. To maximize value, we can combine your electronic will with other pertinent estate planning documents like a durable power of attorney, lady bird deeds, and advance healthcare directives.

Absolutely. Florida Document Specialists allows for the notarization of a durable power of attorney through Remote Online Notarization (RON). However, we advise you to review our specific policy regarding the remote notarization of this document type. Should you require assistance in creating a durable power of attorney, our team offers nonlawyer document preparation services tailored to your needs.

It's crucial to note that if you are classified as a "vulnerable adult," the witnesses assisting in the notarization process must be physically present with you during the video conference with the notary.

Unfortunately, no. Florida law does not permit marriages to be conducted online through remote notarization. However, if you are an active-duty military member or reside in the State of Montana, you might be interested in the concept of "proxy marriages." We recommend checking out Montana Proxy Marriages, our preferred provider, for more information and assistance with this unique marital arrangement.

Absolutely! We can not only assist you with the notarization of the travel authorization for a minor child, but we will also prepare a customized travel authorization letter for you at no additional cost. For more detailed information on this topic, we recommend reading our informative blog post about minor travel authorization documents. Safe travels!

Certainly! We can swiftly and efficiently notarize your USPS form PS 1583 online. If you'd like more information about this form and the process, please refer to our dedicated section on the USPS form PS 1583 on our website. We're here to assist you every step of the way!

Seeking a Florida apostille for your document? Look no further. At Florida Document Specialists, we are experts in procuring apostilles and authentications for documents destined for overseas use.

While the apostille process can be intricate and lengthy, our seasoned team is poised to assist. We proudly offer a RUSH service, ensuring your documents are apostilled and prepared within just 2 business days. It's important to clarify that, despite claims you might come across on other sites, same-day service isn't an option in the State of Florida. Yet, we're dedicated to offering a prompt and proficient service, striving to expedite your document processing.

For a deeper understanding of our offerings, we invite you to explore our dedicated page on apostilles and authentications. Entrust our team to deliver an unparalleled client experience and guarantee your documents are suitably prepared for international use.

Definitely! Our online notarization platform is designed to accommodate multiple signers and witnesses concurrently. If you're co-located, you can even share a single computer or device for added convenience. We aim to make the process as straightforward and efficient as possible, regardless of how many participants are involved.

No, you're not limited to just "Florida documents." We can assist with notarizing documents online, even if they aren't related to Florida. The only requirement is that the documents must relate to a personal or business matter connected to the United States.

Absolutely! We have the ability to configure your documents to allow for multiple electronic signatures and initials as needed.

Yes, for those in urgent situations or requiring after-hours and holiday notarizations, we provide an optional Priority-RUSH service. For immediate assistance with after-hours emergencies, you can reach our on-call notary by calling our business line (800) 255-5287 and selecting option 9.

No, documents need to be properly completed before they are submitted for online notarization. Loose signature pages or incompletely filled-out documents will not be accepted.

No, for the verification of a VIN, an in-person physical inspection of the vehicle is mandatory as stipulated by the HSMV form 82402. Remote online notarization is not suitable for this purpose. If you need VIN verification, many local police departments provide this service, often at no cost.

No, our online notarizations in Florida are exclusively electronic, meaning all signatures and seals applied are digital. If a "wet" signature is requested, it typically arises from foreign authorities or certain entities not fully informed about Florida's online notary laws. Before proceeding, it's crucial to confirm with the recipient of your documents if they will accept electronically signed and notarized papers.

However, as a potential solution, we can produce a certified true copy of the electronically notarized document. This entails attaching a true copy affidavit with a physical, or "wet," signature and notary stamp to a printed version of the electronic document. Once done, we can then post these documents to your specified address. Please note that there's a $25 fee for this service in addition to the postage costs.

No, Florida Document Specialists is not a "call center notary operation." We do not subcontract notaries or act as a mere intermediary. Our dedication is towards ensuring quality, precision, and accountability in the services we provide.

There's a significant difference between our business model and the "call center notary" operations. Such call center operations typically focus on quantity, recruiting numerous subcontracted notaries from various states, and may not emphasize the quality of work or ensure all notaries are adequately trained or vetted. This can result in inconsistencies and, in some cases, errors in the notarization process. Moreover, accessing customer service or communicating with the notary after the appointment can often prove challenging with these "call center" models.

In contrast, all the online notaries affiliated with Florida Document Specialists are employed directly by us. They are meticulously vetted, trained, and experienced in managing intricate documents. We emphasize quality and accountability in our services, and we prioritize client satisfaction.

To partake in online notarization with Florida Document Specialists, you'll need a stable internet connection, a webcam, microphone, and a modern browser on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. We recommend testing your device and internet connection beforehand to ensure a smooth process.

At Florida Document Specialists, the privacy and security of your data are paramount. All online notarization sessions are encrypted, and your personal documents are securely stored and never shared with third parties. We adhere strictly to privacy laws and best practices to ensure your data remains confidential.

An electronic signature refers to any online mark or symbol that signifies intent, while a digital signature is a type of electronic signature that offers more security by encrypting the signed document. At Florida Document Specialists, we utilize both, depending on the requirements of the document and the needs of the client.

Yes, you can schedule your online notarization session at a date and time that's convenient for you. Our system allows for advance bookings, and we recommend doing so to guarantee the availability of our notary professionals.

Yes, if the document you are notarizing has a connection to a personal or business matter within the U.S., we can provide online notarization services irrespective of your current location.

A social security number and credit history is not required for a foreign national to verify their identity.

All our online notaries at Florida Document Specialists are vetted, highly trained, and work exclusively for us. We pride ourselves on ensuring quality over quantity, and our notaries are trained to handle even the most complex documents.

Yes, thanks to the principle of reciprocity, a document that has been notarized by a Florida notary is generally recognized and accepted in all other U.S. states and territories. This inter-state recognition is based on the Full Faith and Credit Clause of the U.S. Constitution, which mandates that states respect the "public acts, records, and judicial proceedings of every other state."

However, while the notarization itself is recognized, it's essential to note that the purpose or use of the document may be subject to the specific laws and regulations of the receiving state. Therefore, it's always a good practice to check with the intended recipient or the appropriate authority in the other state to ensure your notarized document meets all necessary criteria.

If you have concerns about the acceptance of your Florida-notarized document in another state, please don't hesitate to reach out to us for guidance.

Yes, getting documents notarized in Venezuela is fast and easy.  A social security number or credit history IS NOT required!  Visit this page for more information:

**Is online notarization legal in California?**

In California, current state laws do not authorize notaries public within the state to perform online notarizations. This means that notaries based in California cannot legally provide notarization services online to signers. However, this does not leave California residents without options for online notarization. Florida Document Specialists offers a legal and compliant solution for California residents needing their documents notarized online. Our services comply with the laws that permit out-of-state notarizations to be recognized in California, ensuring that your documents are notarized legally and securely. So, while California-based notaries cannot perform online notarizations, we at Florida Document Specialists are equipped and authorized to provide these services to California residents, ensuring your notarization needs are met with convenience and legal integrity.

Yes, getting documents notarized in Ecuador is fast and easy using our international remote online notary service.  A social security number or credit history IS NOT required!  Visit this page for more information: