Remote Online Notary (RON) Privacy Concerns

Is the Privacy of My Documents Assured? Sometimes we’re asked if the documents our customers upload for online notarization will be kept private and secure.  It’s certainly a valid concern and a good question. Here are some typical remarks and questions from customers who inquire about the privacy of RON: “My documents are extremely sensitive, … Read more

Online Remote Notary Fraud Example

Online Notarization Detects Fraud The below image is a screenshot of our computer screen right during the ID verification portion of the online notarization of a COVID-19 SBA loan application in the Miami, Florida area.  This picture was taken on 4/7/2020.  There were three signers on the documents, and all three Florida Driver Licenses were … Read more

Florida Online Notary for Law Firms and Title Companies

Florida Online Remote Notary

Coronavirus Impacting Notarization of Legal Documents in Florida and Nationwide The worldwide pandemic of Coronavirus, the virus that causes the COVID-19 respiratory disease, is having a devastating impact on title companies and law offices across Florida and nationwide as they struggle to locate notary public services for their clients. “This is the first time in … Read more

Florida Online Notary Service

Certified Online Notary Service Provider Para ver en Español – Oprima Aquí Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) What is Remote Online Notarization?  (RON) Remote online notarization, or “RON” as it’s commonly called,  is a 100% online notary service where documents can be electronically signed and notarized online using a webcam and microphone.  Only a specially trained … Read more