Sworn Translation Service for Spain

In the realm of legal and official international document handling, precision in translation is crucial. Various countries have specific protocols for accepting foreign documents; however, Spain stands out with its unique “sworn translation” system, which not only emphasizes the authenticity and fidelity of translations but also simplifies the legalization process significantly. At Florida Document Specialists, we specialize in providing these sworn translations using translators certified by the Spanish government, ensuring that documents are legally robust without the need for an apostille, alongside offering comprehensive apostille services when required.

What is a Sworn Translation for Spain?

The Basics

Sworn translation, or “traducción jurada” in Spanish, involves translating official documents under the authority of a Sworn Translator-Interpretertranslator who has been officially appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation.

Sworn Translation Spain

These translators, known as “Sworn Translator-Interpreters,” are rigorously tested and certified, guaranteeing that their translations faithfully and accurately replicate the content and intent of the original documents.

Legal Authority and Recognition of Sworn Translation in Spain

The distinctiveness of sworn translations in Spain lies in their legal validity. Translations performed by sworn translators are recognized as official documents in their own right and are accepted in administrative and judicial settings throughout Spain. This direct recognition negates the need for an additional legalization step, such as the apostille, for the translated document within the country.

Services Offered by Florida Document Specialists

At Florida Document Specialists, we provide two primary services related to document handling for Spain:

Apostille and Translation Service

Apostille Certification: If your document requires an apostille for use in Spain or other countries, you need to order this service from us. An apostille certifies the legal status of the document, making it recognized internationally under the Hague Apostille Convention.

Translation Inquiry: During the apostille order process on our website, you will be asked if your document also needs to be translated into Spanish for use in Spain. Opting for this service ensures that the document, once apostilled, will be accompanied by a sworn translation that is legally valid in Spain. This is particularly useful for documents that need to be presented in legal scenarios within Spanish territory.

Direct Translation Service

For documents that do not require an apostille, we offer a straightforward sworn translation service. This service is suitable for clients who need their documents translated for use exclusively within Spain or for personal purposes where an apostille is not mandated.

Ordering Process:

Benefits of Using Sworn Translations in Spain

Sworn translations streamline the bureaucratic process involved in document legalization. By eliminating the need for an apostille within Spain, they reduce complexity and enhance the efficiency of legal document handling. This is particularly advantageous for documents that will be used in various legal contexts within the country.

Florida Document Specialists ensures that all translations adhere to the Spanish government’s certification requirements, providing you with fast, reliable, and legally valid documents without the additional need for an apostille when it’s not required.


Spain’s sworn translation system sets a high standard for document accuracy and legal validity, different from many other countries that may require multiple validation steps. By using Florida Document Specialists for your sworn translations, you are guaranteed a service that not only meets the legal standards set by the Spanish government but also simplifies your document legalization process significantly. Our commitment to quality and legal compliance ensures that your documents will withstand any legal scrutiny within Spain, streamlined and secure, with or without the need for an apostille.