DCF Visit After Childbirth: Your 3 Crucial Options for Relative or Private Adoption in Florida

A Critical Choice: What Every Birth Mother Should Know About Adoption When DCF Appears at the Hospital

Childbirth is a transformative life event. However, when the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) makes an appearance, a shroud of uncertainty can overshadow this otherwise joyous occasion.


DCF’S presence in the maternity ward often incites fear and confusion, but know this: you have options for family or private adoption that are rarely spelled out for you by hospital staff or DCF representatives. This comprehensive guide is designed to equip you with indispensable information about your choices, specifically focusing on relative and private adoption options.

DCF in the Delivery Room: The Silent Void of Information

The presence of DCF often comes as an unexpected and unwelcome surprise. Their interventions typically stem from a range of concerns, from drug exposure in newborns to doubts about parental suitability. Even though the option of a family or private adoption exists, you might not hear about it due to internal hospital policies, ignorance, or even a willful withholding of information by DCF or medical personnel.

Time is of the Essence: Why Quick Decision-Making is Crucial

Florida’s evolving legal landscape has made the process of reclaiming your child from foster care increasingly intricate. Once DCF steps in, you are racing against time. The laws now make it exceedingly challenging to navigate your child’s exit from the foster care system, potentially sealing their fate and cutting off other, perhaps more suitable, alternatives.

Unlocking Your Adoption Options in Florida

You still retain your right to place your child for adoption with a loving family of your choice, even with DCF’s looming presence. This is a vital piece of information that often remains unshared. You have primarily two routes to consider: private and relative adoption.

The Simplified Path: Relative Adoption through our nonlawyer service: Florida Family Adoptions

Relative adoption is a simpler, faster route, particularly when facilitated through services like those offered by Florida Family Adoptions. We specialize in providing non-lawyer document preparation services, tailored for both birth parents and adoptive families. Our services include:

  • Filing cases
  • Remote online notarization straight from the hospital room to facilitate signing of consents
  • eFiling services
  • Preparing final judgments for court and obtaining the judge’s signatures

Many families eligible for relative adoption can also qualify for a determination of civil indigency, which waives court filing fees, further streamlining the process.

A Comprehensive Alternative: Private Adoption

If relative adoption is not feasible, you can opt for private adoption. There are numerous qualified adoptive families who have already completed mandatory home studies as per DCF rules, and they are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to provide a loving home to a child in need. You have the power to select a family that aligns with your wishes for your child’s upbringing.

Ellen Kaplan Adoption Attorney DCF Private Adoption

For this complex journey, consulting a board-certified adoption attorney who specializes in DCF interventions is highly recommended. These legal experts can guide you through the intricate maze of adoption laws, ensuring that your rights and interests are well-protected.

Immediate Assistance Available

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Open vs Closed Adoption

When selecting a family for private adoption, you have the choice between an open or closed adoption arrangement. An open adoption allows for a level of communication between you and the adoptive family. This can range from receiving progress reports, cards, and letters, to even agreeing upon a visitation plan with the adoptive parents, keeping you connected to your child’s life. Closed adoptions limit or eliminate these types of interactions but can offer a level of privacy some birth mothers desire.

Financial Assistance

An additional benefit of choosing private adoption is the financial assistance that might be available to you. According to Florida law, you may qualify for pre- and post-natal living expenses. This assistance can go towards rent, groceries, medical bills, and other day-to-day living costs, alleviating some of your financial burdens during this challenging time.

Final Thoughts: The Power of Informed Choices

Our goal, through this blog and our services at Florida Family Adoptions, is to empower you with knowledge and resources. Since 2014, we’ve assisted hundreds of satisfied families who were “big on love, but short on money.” We are proud to hold an A+ rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, and our dedication to excellence is echoed in hundreds of 5-star reviews.

We offer comprehensive non-lawyer document preparation services to assist you in navigating the often convoluted processes surrounding relative adoptions. This includes everything from filing cases, providing remote online notarization options straight from the hospital room for quick consent signing, to eFiling services and even preparing final judgments for court. Often, families pursuing relative adoptions qualify for a determination of civil indigency, meaning they won’t have to bear the burden of court filing fees.

The choices you make now have long-term implications for both you and your child, so arm yourself with information to make the best decisions possible.

Myths and Facts About Adoption


Birth Mothers, who understand that adoption gives their baby a stable future of opportunity and love, will live the rest of their lives knowing they’ve given their baby a very special gift.

FACT: When a Birth Mother chooses adoption, she will have a far better opportunity to live a stable life; will have a much better chance of a successful and happy marriage;  is far less likely to live in poverty; will be much more likely to complete her education and enjoy a successful career.

FACT: Abortion causes many women deep emotional scars and the pain of regret oftentimes continues for a lifetime. Adoption can be a very emotional process for some, but Birth Mothers who place their baby for adoption experience an entirely different type of emotion,  a lifetime of self-satisfaction for putting the welfare and happiness of their baby first above everything else.

FACT: Birth Mothers are brave women who selflessly place the futures of their children ahead of their own immediate desire to be parents.

FACT: Adoption is a responsible decision made by many women who love their babies above every other other consideration and put their best interest first.

FACT: On virtually every measurement of social success and happiness, the advantage goes to adoption! The adopted child is more likely to finish school; less likely to be delinquent; more likely to have a better job; more likely to have a stable marriage; less likely to live in poverty than if the child were raised in a single parent home.

FACT: Nothing could be further from the truth.The Adopted child will grow up knowing that his family was created by adoption and understanding that his Birth Mother selflessly planned a wonderful future for her child. The child grows up confident in the knowledge and security that he is loved on two levels: his Birth Mother and his adoptive family.

FACT: An unplanned pregnancy can affect all types of women, ranging in age and maturity levels. Birth Mothers may be young or older, already parenting other children, financially unstable, or simply seeking a more permanent and stable future for the child than they can provide. Adoptive parents, on the other hand, are ready and excited to take on the responsibility of parenthood. They have gone through an exhaustive screening process to qualify and prepare them to be successful parents.

FACT: Birth Mothers can select and meet with the adoptive family and exchange information. We encourage close collaboration between the Birth Mother and adoptive family.

FACT: Adoptive families receive all non-identifying information you share with us. Furthermore, the adoptive family you select will always speak positively about you as they raise your/their child.

FACT: Birth Mothers have all the say in the selection of the family.

FACT: The baby often goes straight home with the family from the hospital and may only spend time in host care if you are unsure of your decision, if there are complications in the legal process, or until the legal release procedures are completed. Your caseworker will work out the details based on your wishes and the specifics of your adoption case.