Probate Orders – Petition for Summary Administration

Summary Administration Probate

Filing Proposed Orders of Summary Administration and Homestead with the Court There are many challenges that pro se parties face in filing a petition for summary administration in Florida.  One such challenge is how to actually get proposed summary administration probate orders in front of a judge to be reviewed and signed. One would think … Read more

Court Access in Florida: The View from Two Perspectives

Pro Se Florida Relative Adoption Forms

COURT ACCESS IN FLORIDA:  THE VIEW FROM TWO PERSPECTIVES   Justice in Florida will be accessible, fair, effective, responsive, and accountable. ~ Vision of the Florida Judicial Branch – 2008 Over ten years ago, these words led the report from the Florida Supreme Court’s Commission on Trial Court Performance and Accountability addressing the issue of … Read more

Petition for Summary Administration and Other Florida Probate Forms

Filing a Florida Summary Administration Probate Pro Se You Have Nonlawyer Options Are you looking for Florida summary administration forms to resolve the estate of a loved one?  If you’ve been researching your options, you probably already know that: 1.  In order to distribute assets from an estate, you need to file probate forms with … Read more