Florida Pro Se Family Adoptions and Unlocated Birth Parents

Florida Relative Stepparent Adoption Forms

But I don’t know where they are! – When birth parents can’t be located. One of the most common scenarios we encounter at Florida Family Adoptions is when we get a call from a relative (mostly grandparents) wishing to adopt their grandchildren, but they don’t know where the biological parents are.  Unlocated parents can present … Read more

Relative and Stepparent Adoptions and the Florida Putative Father Registry

Florida Putative Father Registry

What Is the Florida Putative Father Registry? During the Adoption Reform Act of 2003, the State of Florida instituted the Putative Father Registry, which is established within the Florida Department of Health. In general terms, a putative father is defined as a man, whose relationship to a child has not been legally established but who … Read more

Nonlawyer Relative Adoptions and the Florida DCF

Florida DCF and Grandparent Adoption

You Want to Adopt, but DCF (Florida Department of Children and Families) has Sheltered or Placed your Grandchild or Relative in Foster Care? One of the most heartbreaking and common inquiries we receive at Florida Family Adoptions are relatives (usually grandparents) reaching out for help with filing a pro se Relative Adoption when the child … Read more

Florida Online Parenting Class

Florida Online Parenting Class

The Florida Parenting Class Requirement Most everyone knows by now that if you are a party to a divorce with minor children or going through a paternity action, the State of Florida requires that you take an approved Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course of at least 4-hours.  This divorce parenting class is court-ordered in … Read more

Court Access in Florida: The View from Two Perspectives

Pro Se Florida Relative Adoption Forms

COURT ACCESS IN FLORIDA:  THE VIEW FROM TWO PERSPECTIVES   Justice in Florida will be accessible, fair, effective, responsive, and accountable. ~ Vision of the Florida Judicial Branch – 2008 Over ten years ago, these words led the report from the Florida Supreme Court’s Commission on Trial Court Performance and Accountability addressing the issue of … Read more

Temporary Custody by Extended Family

Florida Document Specialists offers a low cost, flat-fee solution for preparing and filing for temporary custody by extended family for children you are parenting.  We are anxious to take your call and explain exactly how we can help your family by preparing Florida Supreme Court approved child custody forms to help you obtain custody of … Read more

Florida Grandchild, Relative and Adult Adoptions

Nonlawyer Options for Adopting Grandchildren, Relatives, Stepchildren, and Adults Para ver en Español – Oprima Aquí Adoption is our passion.  Here is our promise from our family to yours: No matter where you live in Florida, we will work with you and your family to properly prepare all of the documents and forms necessary for … Read more

Florida Divorce Forms – Dissolution of Marriage

Florida Divorce Forms Get Divorced Affordably Without a Lawyer We will prepare ALL required Florida divorce forms divorces with or without children, search for a unlocated spouse, file your case for you with the court, help you serve your summons, monitor your court docket, prepare your final judgement, and remain available to you throughout the … Read more