Help with Florida Divorce Paperwork, Fruit Cakes, and Other Sundry

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No Need to Hold Out for National Divorce Day: Get Assistance with Divorce Paperwork Anytime You’re likely aware that almost everything has its own “National Day.” As I sit here on January 3rd, pondering what to have for dinner, I can’t quite decide whether to celebrate National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day, National Drinking Straw Day, … Read more

Court Access in Florida: The View from Two Perspectives

Pro Se Florida Relative Adoption Forms

COURT ACCESS IN FLORIDA:  THE VIEW FROM TWO PERSPECTIVES Justice in Florida will be accessible, fair, effective, responsive, and accountable. ~ Vision of the Florida Judicial Branch – 2008 Over ten years ago, these words led the report from the Florida Supreme Court’s Commission on Trial Court Performance and Accountability addressing the issue of Pro … Read more