What Sets Us Apart from the Rest

Why Our Business is Different?

Florida Court Forms Preparation Service

  • We are family owned and operated;
  • We abide by a published Code of Ethics;
  • Our office is in Florida. We are not an automated website operated by computers.
  • We are not a call-center or a “middle man”.
  • Our offices are in the Daytona Beach Professional Building.  We are not a home based or part-time operation;
  • Our employees are all full time.  This is their career and their commitment;
  • Our business structure is real and verifiable.  We are a properly registered Florida corporation, and we hold an active city and county business license.  Our d/b/a for Florida Document Specialists and Florida Family Adoptions are real and verifiable:
  • We are accredited by the Central Florida Better Business Bureau (BBB) where we are A+ Rated and 5-Star Reviewed;
  • We don’t invent reviews for our website.  All reviews are organic Facebook, Google, or BBB verified;
  • We’re accessible. We answer our telephone during business hours;
  • We promptly return email and voicemail messages;
  • Our website operates with an SSL security certificate.  Please take note of the “https://” and the “Locked” symbol in your browser;
  • We take security seriously.  Office paper waste is processed by a contracted shredding service;
  • We pay for monthly subscriptions for cutting edge data backup/synchronization, customer/case management, online notary, and immigration document preparation software;
  • Sensitive information collected in our online questionnaires is encrypted prior to transmission.  We contract with a third party to provide this service.  It is the same online forms provider used by Oracle, eBay, Walgreen’s, and FedEx.
  • We follow the law.  If another service is advertising as a, “paralegal service” or “independent paralegal”, they are not following the law.

Value-Added Services that Make Us Different

  • We will never charge you just to talk to us, whether it’s on the phone, or in person.
  • You will work with a real person, not a computer or robot;
  • We are not a “Virtual Service” – if you see this term, it usually means that someone will just email you a stack of papers to print and file yourself;
  • You are welcome to meet us and tour our offices prior to hiring us;
  • All forms and documents are typed by a real person.  All you have to do is review your documents, approve, and sign them;
  • We strive to produce a quality product that will help you achieve your goals;
  • All of our services are quoted at a fixed price.  There are no hidden charges, hourly rates, or surprises.  The price we quote you is for the preparation of every document needed to  file your case, and for any additional document(s) that the court may ask for at a later time.  Some lesser services attract customers by advertising a low price only to tell you later that important documents such as financial affidavits, parenting plans, marital settlement agreements, and other documents are not included;
  • If you need terms or a personal financial arrangement, please ask.  We know what it’s like to have financial challenges;
  • We provide free Remote Online Notarization (RON) services for our customers.  Sign and notarize your legal documents from the comfort of your home or office.
  • We utilize a licensed Florida Private Investigator to assist with diligent searches for parties who cannot be located, i.e. spouses, birth-parents, etc., and we usually have results within 24-48 hours;
  • We will file your case for you with the court, and provide status updates when possible;
  • We manage your service of process for you.  This means we will coordinate with process servers in Florida or anywhere else in the United States to get your papers served.  We follow up with the sheriff’s office or private process services, process their affidavits of service or non-service and file them with court on your behalf.
  • We provide all of the postage and office supplies for this service at no extra charge;
  • We have State of Florida e-filing capability for your case if needed via the Florida ePortal system;
  • We have eRecording capability for deeds and other instruments;
  • As your final hearing draws near, we will prepare your final judgments for you and give you postage paid envelopes for the court at no extra charge;
  • We offer significant discounts for first-responders and active-duty military personnel; and
  • Our office can conduct business with you in the English or Spanish languages.