Grandparent Adoption, Step Parent Adoption & Relative Adoption in Florida – The Advantages of Becoming ONE Family

Adoption by Grandparents and Stepparents in Florida

I have previously blogged about the mechanics of Florida stepparent and relative Adoptions, Florida grandparent adoption forms, and Florida relative and stepparent adoption forms.  Now I’d like to take a little time to discuss the many advantages and benefits of a stepparent or grandparent adoption, both personal and practical.

From an emotional and personal perspective, adoption fulfills a family goal like no other process and unifies your family in a most special way.  Having dedicated the past 30 years of my professional life (the last 20 years in Florida) to working primarily in the field of adoption, continuing to prepare documents for Florida relative and stepparent adoptions brings me satisfactions beyond compare.  We are fortunate that for adoptions in the State of Florida, we have a system in place that facilitates adoption by relatives within the third degree (siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles) and stepparents to keep families healthy and stable.

There are many strong, emotional reasons for a relative or step-parent adoption – – Step and/or relative adoptions are an outward expression of the commitment, love and unconditional acceptance of a family member or parent towards a child (or even an adult!).  It nurtures a sense of belonging that can only come from formalizing a relationship born in the heart.

Florida Relative AdoptionBut there are also many practical considerations to take into account, as well. When you adopt a child in Florida, you will assume legal responsibility for the child and will be listed on his or her birth certificate as a parent.  You will also have the right to give your surname to the child.

In addition, relative and/or step-parent adoptions can provide these children with financial and legal protections that may otherwise not be available to them — such as medical insurance coverage or entitlement to certain benefits like Social Security disability benefits from a parent, for example.

Florida stepparent and relative adoptions also protect the child and the family unit if something bad happens.  Although we don’t like to think about the worst, it is important to be prepared anyway. When a child is adopted into his or her family, and should something catastrophic happen, it will keep the child from being removed from a “non-parent’s” care. This can happen even when you have a guardianship or custody order, if the order is challenged in court.

Most importantly, adoptions are crucial if the child becomes ill or suffers an accident.  By adopting in Florida, you will be able to have the authority to make medical decisions on behalf of your adopted child and consent to medical treatment.  Also, as a parent, you will be entitled to take leave under the Family and Medical Leave Acts.

Regardless of your reasons to adopt, a Florida grandparent adoption or Florida relative or step-parent adoption is a life-changing event that should be carefully considered.  Every week, I receive phone calls from families across Florida  with questions about step or relative adoptions and Florida adoption forms and legal documents.  Many seem surprised that there is an alternative to consider that won’t break the bank.  I can provide them with a complete Florida adoption document packet that will help them reach their goal.   On most cases, I  travel throughout Florida to meet with customers for signing and notarizing adoption forms and documents – so I am really mobile most of the time!  I have been privileged to have prepared many of these Florida adoption document packets and have seen them process through the Florida court system, resulting in happy families.

If I can help you with your Florida relative adoption paperwork, Florida stepparent adoption paperwork, (or adult) adoption documents, please send me a message or call me at 800-255-5287. Adopting your child in Florida should be simple and affordable.  Allow Florida Family Adoptions to help with your Florida stepparent adoption forms, Florida grandparent adoption forms, or Florida relative adoption forms.  I will be with you from start to finish.

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