The Growing Trend of Grandparent Adoptions in Florida

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Grandparents Raising Grandchildren in Florida is Very Popular

Across the United States, an increasing number of children are being raised by relatives other than their biological parents. In Florida, approximately 170,000 children, which is around 4% of the state’s child population, live with a relative without a parent present. Often, when a parent is unable or unwilling to care for their child, grandparents step in to fill that role.

Even when grandparents take on the role of caregivers, they might not possess the same legal status as biological parents, and consequently, may not have all the rights associated with parenthood. Grandparent adoptions can address these issues, and partnering with a knowledgeable adoption attorney can make the process of adopting a grandchild much smoother.

Motivations for Grandparent Adoptions

Various reasons can prompt grandparents to adopt their grandchildren. In some cases, the biological parent may acknowledge their inability or unwillingness to fully care for and support a child, leading them to seek help from their own parents. In other situations, grandparents may notice that their grandchildren are not receiving proper care and take action themselves.

Is the consent of biological parents necessary?

Obtaining the consent of biological parents makes the grandparent adoption process much smoother and faster. However, Florida law allows grandparents to file an adoption petition even if the parents deny consent, as long as there is evidence of physical or emotional abuse, abandonment, or neglect by the parents.

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What is the duration of the process?

The time frame to finalize grandparent adoptions varies depending on several factors. However, with the consent of the current parents, grandparent adoptions usually take only a few months.

Do I need a home study to adopt my grandchildren?

Florida does not require a home study for grandparent or other close relative adoptions, streamlining the kinship adoption process compared to other adoption types.

Are there age restrictions for grandparent adoptions?

Florida does not impose age limits or restrictions on grandparent adoptions.

What legal rights will I have when I adopt my grandchildren in Florida?

When grandparents adopt a grandchild, their legal relationship transforms into that of parent and child. This change has numerous legal implications, including the termination of the biological parents’ legal rights, as a child cannot legally have more than one set of parents. Furthermore, adoption grants grandparents all legal parental rights, such as child support and property succession upon the grandparent’s passing.

Florida DCF Involvement with the Children

DCF involvement with the children can have catastrophic effects on your adoption plans.  Make certain to read our blog on the subject.

Are You a Grandparent Ready to Adopt?

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