Remote Online Notarization (RON)

Florida Remote Online Video Notary


What is Remote Online Notarization (RON)?Remote Online Notary Florida

Remote online notarization, or “RON” as it’s commonly called,  is a 100% online video notary system that allows you to legally electronically sign and notarize documents over the Internet using your webcam and microphone.  Only a specially trained and authorized notary public can facilitate your remote online notarization.

So, I don’t have to go find and appear personally before a notary?

That’s right!   You do not have to physically appear before the notary, and you and/or your witnesses can be physically located virtually anyplace in the world that has a solid Internet connection.  You’ll have to make sure you qualify to use the service.   See if you pre-qualify to use RON.

Your remote online notary is in Florida.  Does that mean that I have to be in Florida to have my document electronically notarized?

No.  The electronic notary laws of the State of Florida permit a specially trained and authorized Florida remote online notary to electronically notarize documents by video webcam using the Internet,  regardless of the location of the principal or witnesses.  This virtually eliminates the need to hire, “mobile notaries.”  Mobile notaries bill for travel time and mileage as well as the notarial acts they perform.  Using Florida Document Specialists for a remote online notarization allows you to have your documents electronically notarized in the privacy and comfort of your own home.  And, if you need witnesses, they can be in their own homes too!

Do my documents have to be, “Florida documents?”

No.  We are authorized to notarize legal and other documents that have no association with Florida.

Are there Remote Online Notary services in all states?

No.  Currently, Florida is one of only 16 states that authorize remote online notarization by video.

Is Remote Online Notarization safe and secure?

Yes, remote online notarization is safe and secure, and it’s more secure than traditional paper notarizations.  The law requires that a Florida remote online video notary contract with a technology provider that satisfies Florida’s strict video notary rules.  The audio and video of each remote online notarization is recorded and saved for 10-years.  Every signer’s identification document is analyzed for authenticity, and their identity is further authenticated using a system known as, “Knowledge Based Authentication”, or KBA.  Florida Document Specialists uses industry standard technology to perform safe, secure, and legal remote online notarization and electronic signatures.

Do I have to have any special equipment in order to use your service?

All you need is a laptop or desktop computer, or a large tablet or IPad with a working webcam and microphone.   Smart phones are not suitable for remote online notarization due to their small screen size.  Read our page on pre-qualifying for remote online notarization.

Are you a Video Notary Call Center?

Absolutely not.  If you do a Google Search for, “remote online notarization”, you’ll see ads for call centers that farm-out your notary business to subcontractors.  In order to make a profit, they charge full price for each electronic notary stamp.  We don’t do that.

How much does it cost?

We charge $25 for the first notarial act.  If you have multiple documents that need notarized during the same session, we’ll charge $20 for the second electronic notary stamp and $15 for the third and all subsequent remote notarizations.  If you  compare these rates with the online remote notary call centers and mobile notary services, you’ll see significant savings by using Florida Document Specialists’ remote online video notary services.

Can your company provide remote witnesses for my notarial act? 

Yes!  Witnesses are available for $10 each per notarial act.   Witnesses are available only during business hours EST.