Payment and Refund Policy for Remote Online Notary Services (RON)

Florida Online Notarization Fast Apostille


Your invoice must be paid prior to the beginning of the online notary session. Once your invoice is paid, the document(s) you submitted for notarization will be locked, and no revisions will be possible due to how the security software operates. If a change to a document is needed, you will be invoiced $15 to re-do the transaction.

Other than for technical issues encountered DURING an online notary session, payment on your invoice is final, and is non-refundable for any reason except as indicated below.  Because we must prepay our technology provider for your notarization, our refund policy is very strict.


• A full refund will be provided for failed sessions due to technical issues AFTER the online notary session has begun. A full refund (or re-do) will be provided if we make a mistake with your notarization.

• If you cannot pass ID verification, you will receive a full refund minus $15.

• By paying your invoice, you acknowledge that your payment is non-refundable for any reason except as indicated in this policy. Changing your mind is not a valid reason for a refund under our policy.  Failing identify verification is not a valid reason for a full refund. Claiming that you, “never received an email” after paying your invoice is not a valid reason for a refund. Remember to check your spam email folder if you think you missed an email.  If you need us to re-send emails or have any issues or concerns at all, our customer support is best-in-class. We are reachable by phone or email. Customer Service: 386-256-5540 or

• Invoices are typically cancelled after 72 hours of nonpayment.

• If you pay an invoice and do not follow-through with your notarization or contact us within 14 business days, your transaction will considered abandoned and will be cancelled. Invoices on abandoned transactions are not eligible for refund.

We are always here to assist you and to answer questions.  Please call 386-256-5540.